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Hi, I'm Amethyst O'Connell, I am currently an Electrical Designer at Michaud Cooley Erickson. They made a great choice! I'm a former volunteer writer for the Twin Cities Geek. My essay was Third Place in the Midwest Climate Summit's 2021 Climate Stories contest. I can bridge the gap between the arts and engineering, I can do so with flair. I am also highly passionate about finding solutions to the climate crisis, and have a unique knowledge base in that area, having unusual expertise for an undergraduate in sustainable transportation, renewable grids, and community solar.

Current status: Electrical Designer at Michaud Cooley Erickson,


Why Amethyst is the best employee ever

  • Skilled with Technology

    Packed with all the office essentials, has a projector ever glitched out during a presentation? Amethyst can fix it. Being formally trained at Nine North's TV Studio in Studio Technology, Amethyst has a sophisticated understanding of AV technology which can save any engineering presentation.

  • Technical Skills

    Amethyst can use a wide variety of engineering technologies such as Altium Designer, Bentley Promis-e, Autodesk Inventor, and more!

  • Understands Business

    Understands the engineering business, from patents to profits. Knows the role that engineers play in a larger business strategy.

  • Talented Writer

    Do you need technical writing? Documentation? Presentations? Do you need someone outside of the engineering space to understand what engineers do? Amethyst can do that.

  • Climate Forward

    Understands climate change, and emerging technologies in the sustainability field.

  • Is available to hire right now!

    Has part time availablity during the school year, and will have full time availability starting upon graduation in December 2023, and is quick to onboard.

Why choose me?

Amethyst was a great team member that really aided our project in several ways. Her attention to detail allowed us to fully understand the challenge and solution, and her hard work was evident in our final results. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to do electric vehicle research or production.

Nathan Butler


Here are the most important parts of my resume

  • Loram Maintenance of Way Internship

    • Presented design changes to engineering leadership through a design review process
    • Used Autodesk Inventor and Vault alongside Promis-e to represent electrical components and their placement on a train

  • University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project

    • Referenced schematics in Altium to assemble and solder boards
    • Worked on assembling the fiberglass and Nomex body of the solar car
    • Developed relationships between companies and the project

  • Saint Paul College Student Senate

    • Scheduled and planned meetings, created an inviting space for constituents
    • Represented the student body in college committees, communicated student needs
    • Sent professional emails and professional documents to administrators, students, and faculty
    • Created and fostered growth in the Saint Paul College Robotics Team

  • NASA NCAS and L'Space

    • Took a 5-week online course from NASA scientists culminating in a detailed plan for a Mars Rover
    • Selected from over 1,000 applicants to attend a 1-week experience at the Johnson Space Center
    • Paired with a virtual team, created a mission concept document in the style of NASA’s official documents
    • Working with a virtual team, creating a NASA proposal, and competed for $10,000 of funding. Was fourth overall and was the proposal reviewer who selected the winning proposal. Currently working with proposal winners to realize project.


Here's what I've been up to


My work has made it into the paper several times. Here is where you can read about it.

  • Saint Paul College Logo Greyscale

    Amethyst O’Connell of Saint Paul College has been selected to travel to NASA’s Johnson Space Center this winter to participate in the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) onsite experience.

    Saint Paul College Student Selected to Visit NASA this February, Saint Paul College
  • Roseville Review Logo Greyscale

    Roseville resident Amethyst O’Connell is part of a University of Minnesota team of students working to send a solar-powered vehicle to race in Australia this fall.

    Roseville resident part of student team sending solar vehicle to Australia, Roseville Review
  • ISD623 Logo Greyscale

    Amethyst O’Connell — a 2016 Roseville Area High School graduate and former member of the FireBears First Robotics Competition Team — is part of a U of M team working to send a solar-powered vehicle to race in Australia this fall.

    RAHS FireBears FIRST Robotics Graduate Part of Team Competing in Australia, ISD623
  • LeadMN Logo Greyscale

    I am so thrilled, so proud, but certainly not at all surprised to announce that 24 student leaders were elected and appointed to represent their peers at the statewide level. Congratulations, and thank you for your willingness to serve the students of Minnesota!

    Committees and Appointments and Opportunities, Oh My!, LeadMN
  • Saint Paul College Logo Greyscale

    Congratulations to Hamdi Ahmed, Amethyst O’Connell and Celina Tragesser, recipients of the 2018 President’s Scholarship, one of Saint Paul College’s highest academic honors. The scholarship is awarded annually to outstanding student leaders who are graduating and transferring to a four-year college or university.

    President’s Scholarship Recipients, Saint Paul College Magazine
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    I was so jealous of my peers that I didn’t realize what a wonderful pig I had until it was too late. It’s quite ironic that Wilbur was named for the pig in Charlotte’s Web, a pig trying so hard to not be eaten, only to realize the value in who they are inside. We have one life to live, so why not be a pig in the suburbs? Embrace your differences, and cherish every opportunity life gives you.

    A Pig in the Suburbs: How I Found My Normal, Pearson Education

Contact information

Amethyst is an Electrical Engineering major with a Sustainability Studies minor, and artist. They are passionate about using the toolbox of Electrical Engineering to solve the climate crisis.

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